Marketing Solutions

At Deenote we solve day to day security, problems through tech. Our homes, offices, schools and other business premises need security and an efficient system to operate effectively.

We keep our knowledge base-wide and high creativity to always be able to come up with well researched, workable solutions, fair priced but way superior in class and effectiveness.



Through partnerships with different manufacturers, we cannot only acquire the latest technology but also receive updates and support on all our products.
We utilize multiple platforms to achieve a goal, redefining how automation is approached using simple solutions.

“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.”
― Stephane Nappo

We deploy our solutions in multiple organization setups.

Other Portfolio

Home Automation

We integrate old systems, retrofit them with new motorized parts, and supplement with other latest technology. Clear Video Intercom system that not only communicates with guests outside but also allows communication internally within the premises' rooms

Entrance Security

Integrations with a motorized gate and surveillance cameras to monitor the movements. Motions sensor, Vibration sensors, and intelligent analytics like facial recognition and vehicle Number-plate recognition can be integrated into any circuit to be automated. Enjoy a key less life.

Surveillance Video-wall

With the need to expand and grow, off locations cameras are connected through the internet. Configured to collect all the footage from all the concerned sites and displaying them on one easy to manage video-wall. Each camera has its security features that can be used to restrict a user.