Risco cloud alarm

The RISCO Cloud enables users to enjoy the advanced features offered with several RISCO Group products. Currently compatible with the Agility™ 3 alarm panel and the soon to be released LightSYS™ 2, connectivity to the RISCO Cloud enables users to benefit from using the iRISCO Smartphone app (also available as a web-based PC application). The app allows users to remotely control their alarm systems; including remotely arming/ disarming the system and receiving push notifications in the event of a suspected intrusion, in addition to offering the capabilities of visual verification and self-monitoring.

The axesplus® access control system utilizes the cloud-based RISCO Service Platform (RSP), saving the customer the costs associated with software installation and administration while providing an unparalleled security infrastructure and optimal performance.

The RISCO Cloud gives users advanced capabilities while removing the liabilities associated with increased IT investment and responsibilities.

Risco cloud alarm

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